Triathlon Race Marks Buoys 

ETP Triathlon Open Water Swim Buoys

ETP Triathlon race marks have the inflatable race mark buoys to cover your triathlon. Triathlons are one of the fastest growing sports around. ETP Race Marks has made race buoys for nearly 40 years, our expertise, quality, and customization all help meet your events’ needs for years to come. Most customers report that their buoys have a life span of 20+ years when taken care of.

Custom Cylinder Race Mark

Triathlon race mark Inflatable Buoy
Orange Triathlon Inflatable Buoy

Tear Drop Race Marks with Logos

Long Triathlon Race Mark

ETP Race Mark’s inflatable buoys have been in races around the world. ETP Race Mark is happy is custom print, size, and shape a buoy to meet your exact needs.


Swim course buoys include:

  • Heavy duty 18 oz vinyl- coated nylon fabrics
  • Stainless Steel 3-5 reinforced D-ring anchoring system on the bottom of the buoy
  • Easy to inflate (see video), use, deflate, and store
  • Feature radio frequency welded seams to an airtight seal

  • Inflation is done via an industry premiere pressure relief valve
  • Heavy duty PVC handles
  • Lasts 20+ years with proper care
  • Made in the U.S.A


* If visibility is your concern we can help. Our triathlon race marks have several available colors.
* If price is your concern we can help. We are the manufacturer, so we are competitive.
* If durability is a problem, we would be happy to send you a sample of materials.
Finish Line Buoys
Finish Line Buoys
Turn Buoys
Turn Buoys

The best thing about working with ETP Race Marks is that it is custom made to your needs, no matter what those needs are.

Contact ETP Race Marks today and we would be happy to give our expertise and customization so that your event is the most notable one around.