Standard Race Mark Buoys

Choose Between Tetrahedron & Tear Drop Marks or Tomato and Cylindrical Mark

“Please clink on a link to see all of our standard shapes, sizes, colors and pricing of Race Mark Buoys. You will also have the chance to order online. We are happy to offer any of our standard marks in an alternative color, however they are not a stock item. During the busy summer season some of these buoys may not be in stock but we do our best to make sure the turn around time is always minimal. Feel free to write in or call with any questions in regards to stock and turn around time.


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East Hampton Tetras
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Orange Taetrahedron Racemarks
We have been making tetrahedron race marks since 1982. Now, just as then, we want to produce a yacht racing mark (buoy) that requires no counter weight and that can be towed easily.
Thousands of these race marks have been produced over the years and the “Tetras” continue to be the mark of choice with most users.
They are available in 8′, 5 1/2′, and 2 1/2′ heights (2.4m, 1.65m, or .75m).


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4 foot orange cylinder
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5 foot tomato racemark

The “tomato” mark (buoy) is available in a 3′ (.9m) and 5′ height (1.5m).
We are also happy to build cylindrical race marks.”  A 4′ height(1.2m) is standard, however we also offer mini cylinders at 2.5’ (.76m).
Standard colors are yellow and orange but we are happy to make custom buoys in any size or color.

Add Your Logo 

You can add your logo or print to any of our custom and standard buoys. For custom orders please allow for 2-4 weeks production time and for standard orders please allow for 1-3 weeks. The turn around times depend on the size of your orders. These time frames do not include transit time that is determined by your location. If you have a deadline you have to meet we ALWAYS try and do so but also want you to be on the safe side and order early.


Anchoring System

We have a stainless steel anchoring system on all our buoys however we do DO NOT provide anchoring line or anchor.

D-Ring Placement and meanings
1. Use this D-Ring to keep from weather vaning

2. Use this D-ring to drop counter weight from

3. Use this D-Ring to keep the buoy from spinning