Inflating A Racemark Buoy 

ETP suggests proper race mark inflation. By doing your inflation correctly you will extend the life of your race mark buoy.

Below is a video that demonstrates proper inflation.


Inflation Tips: On land: Use a 1” diameter hose fitting (sold here) for inflation from a shop vac or air unit. When inflating fill the buoy until the walls are expanded to about 95%, no more. Over inflation will reduce the performance of the product and may cause premature failure. Over inflation voids any warranty. If inflating the buoy on water or other with a portable air compressor (sold here) the same rules apply. Once inflated make sure you immediately put the pressure relief cap on so that no extra air escapes.


Race Mark Anchoring Tips:

Local conditions determine the best anchoring methods. You might need to consider whether or not you to buoy to “weather vane” or if you can send the anchor line straight to the bottom from the center of the buoy. Please consider the use of an anchor line weight 4-6 feet below the buoy to keep the anchor line from fouling the competitors. The use of counterweight is not required for cubes or tetrahedrons though some customers choose to use them. 

Tomato Race Mark D-Rings


The ball mark or “tomato”, as we call it, has a false bottom pocket into which steel shot can be poured, if needed.


Tetrahedron Race Marks Anchoring D-Rings
D-Ring-Meaning larger

ETP carries the accessories necessary for race mark maintenance… See our accessories page.