Race Starter Flags

High quality individual starter flags and starter flag kits for nautical races. 

Race Starting Flags

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Product Code Size – Description Price / Qty.   
SF24-bl 24in x 24in black flag $27.00

SF24-ee 24in x 24in blue flag $27.00

SF24-gr 24in x 24in green flag $27.00

SF24-gr-P 24in x 24in green pennant – triangle shape $27.00

SF24-or 24in x 24in orange flag $27.00

SF24-wh 24in x 24in white flag $27.00

SF24-wh-m 24in x 24in Solid White Flag with black “minus -” sign $38.00

SF24-wh-P 24in x 24in  White Solid Flag with black “plus + ” sign $38.00

SF24-rd 24in x 24in  Red Flag $27.00

SF24-ye 24in x 24in yellow flag $27.00

SF34-bl 34in x 37in black flag $32.00

SF34-ee 34in x 37in blue flag $32.00

SF34-gr 34in x 37in green flag $32.00

SF34-gr-P 34in x 37in  green pennant – triangle shape $32.00

SF34-or 34in x 37in orange flag $32.00

SF34-wh 34in x 37in white flag $32.00

SF34-wh-m 34 x 37in White Solid Flag with black “minus -” Sign $44.00

SF34-wh-pl 34in x 37in  White Solid Flag with black in in Sign $44.00

SF34-rd 34in x 37in red flag $44.00

SF34-ye 34in x 37in yellow flag $44.00



Starter Flag Kits




Starter Flags Kits



Description Price
RC-Fsk-E See What’s Included
everything rule book
Flag Starter Kit – Everything mentioned in the Rule Book Kit.
Regular Price $1,284.00 – Kit Price – $1,128.00

RC-Fsk-basic See What’s Included
basic rule book
Race Committee Flag Starter Kit – Basic Kit.
Regular Price $676.00 – Kit Price $594.00