Yacht / Sail Race Committee Supplies

ETP Race Marks supplies several items needed for race committees, whether yacht or small sail boats. These supplies compliment our selection of standard and custom race marks. ETP Race Marks has a great selection of starting flags, flag organizers, race committee flags, race committee hats, and complete sets of international signal flags, alphabetical, numberals, and others.


Starting Flags – details
Yacht Race Starting Flags

Great Selection of Starting Flags For Yacht Racing
plus accessories, click picture for details and selection




Flag Organizer – $75.00

Yacht Race Flag Organizing KitKeep Your Race Committee Flags Organized with our Flag Organizer 24 clear-pouched organizer.
This convenient 24 clear-pouched organizer holds your flags where they can be seen for ready use. The addition of grommets allows it to be hung up where it can be accessed easier. It also folds and rolls for easy storage. 
The organizer has 24 pockets. All pockets are approximately, 8” x 4.25”.




Race Committee Hats $24.00
yacht race committee hat

Blue Hat for Race Committee. Front of Hat says, ” RC Race Committee”





Race Committee Flags
Yacht Race Committee Flag - Blue 
Click For Selection of sizes / styles / officer specific flags.



Complete Signal Flag Chart
International alphabet flags 
ETP offers alphabet flags,

numeral flags and signal flags in 3 sizes.
 Click for details



Starting Cannon Shells
Starter Cannon Shells

Box of 25 Cannon Shells – $126.50