Race Supplies to the long distance swim & boats race communities.

ETP Race Mark buoys have been used in races both domestically and internationally for over 40 years. The inflatable race mark buoys are used for nautical events, yachts, stand up paddle board, dragon boat races, triathlons, swimming competitions, and more. ETP Race Marks is a custom fabricator and offers an array of shapes, sizes, colors, and even custom printing.

All ETP Race Mark’s inflatable buoys are constructed using a heavy duty 18 oz coated polyester fabric. These are marks are easy to inflate (see video), use, deflate, and store. Each inflatable buoy must pass our 24-hour inflation test before shipment. The inflatable race mark buoys carry a one-year warranty. ETP Race Mark’s larger marks are equipped with a pressure relief valve to prevent over inflation. A dump valve addition is available to any buoy (3 feet or larger) to create a quicker deflation.

Our standard marks, include Tetrahedron, Tear Drop, Cylinder and Tomato shapes. Custom shapes and sizes are also available.

Most of the ETP Race Mark’s inflatable race mark buoys are anchored with stainless steel 3-5 D-ring system on the bottom of the buoy. ETP Race Mark’s does not provide anchor lines or weights but generally suggests using a mushroom anchor in lakes and Danforth anchors in larger bodies of water. Weight depends on the size of the buoy, but ETP Race Mark’s suggests 5 – 25 lbs. depending on the body of water was well as the size of the buoys. Always make sure there is plenty of slack in the anchor line.

A storage bag is provided for all buoys 3 feet or larger. ETP Race Marks does not provide bags for smaller marks. Standard colors are orange and yellow, however, other colors are available through special order. Custom sizes, logos, names, clear pockets, or sponsors’ advertisements are all possible options.

ETP also carries Race Committee supplies, International Signal flags, Pennants, Race Committee member flags & more.